Garment Care
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Alpaca fiber is a natural, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and odor-resistant fiber, so your alpaca items probably don’t need to be cleaned as often as you think. When cleaning your alpaca garment take into consideration that agitation and heat may...
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How we work: Fair Fashion & Sustainability
Fair fashion We pride ourselves on working with local Peruvian partners in every step of the production process. We work with skillful artisans that use their knowledge of ancient weaving and coloring techniques to create beautiful garments.  Healthy and safe...
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Our Roots
What does Qumpi mean? Qumpi is the word the Incas used for the most impressive or finest cloth, the best possible weaving. In Quechua - the original language of the Incas - Qumpi was synonymous with the highest-status textiles. In the...
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