How we work: Fair Fashion & Sustainability

How we work: Fair Fashion & Sustainability

Fair fashion

We pride ourselves on working with local Peruvian partners in every step of the production process. We work with skillful artisans that use their knowledge of ancient weaving and coloring techniques to create beautiful garments. 

Healthy and safe working conditions, fair pay and cultural preservation are therefore very important to us.

 Sustainable fashion 

By choosing to work with Alpaca wool, we have made a choice for the production of durable clothing that lasts a lifetime. Alpaca fiber has been used and valued in the production of clothing since the pre-incan times because of its unique properties and quality. It is a silky, soft and durable fiber that is resistant, elastic and non inflamable. These properties provide all the necessary conditions to be able to provide you with slow fashion: we produce items that will maintain their excellent quality through the threads of time.

Natural fashion

Our products are made from 100% natural raw materials. As the Incan and pre-incan cultures before us, we believe in responsibly and respectfully using what Mother Nature (Pachamama) provides.

Some of our products are even made by hand, to respect the ancient weaving processes and techniques. 

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