Our Roots

Our Roots

What does Qumpi mean?

Qumpi is the word the Incas used for the most impressive or finest cloth, the best possible weaving. In Quechua - the original language of the Incas - Qumpi was synonymous with the highest-status textiles. In the Inca realm, these textiles were woven by hand on a loom. 

Qumpi is ideally very soft, made from the best materials, such as the naturally superior local cotton (now called Egyptian cotton as it was exported to the Mediterranean after the Spanish invasions). The silkiest wool was also used, from the domesticated alpaca or the rarer wild vicuñaQumpi is also measured by its many sumptuous colors, all made from plants and even some animals found in the various eco-zones. The highest prestige colors were blue, arduously extracted from indigo leaves, and red from cochineal beetles.  

Our brand 

The Qumpi brand is inspired by the rich and ancient Peruvian textile heritage. It takes you on a journey through the 'Threads of Time' by honouring the vibrant use of colours and guaranteeing the best quality textiles. 

Our founder 

Founder Hugo Nuñez has always had a passion for the cultural and environmental wealth his native country has to offer. Being born in the highlands of Arequipa, growing up in the tropical environment of the amazon rainforest and studying in the coastal region, he has been inspired by the different ecological zones and ancient cultural traditions his country has to offer. With this project he is determined to share his passion for his heritage with the rest of the world. 

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